Resources for Migrant Workers

The following is a list of service providers in British Columbia and hyperlinks to their respective website.

  1. Law Students Legal Advice Program
  2. West Coast Domestic Workers’ Association (WCDWA)
  3. Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS)
  4. The Legal Services Society (LSS) / Legal Aid BC
  5. Umbrella Mobile Health Clinic for Migrant Workers/ Umbrella Multicultural Health Cooperative
  6. Government of the Province of British Columbia Service Providers for Temporary Foreign Residents
  7. VictimLink BC / Province of British Columbia
  8. The Salvation Army British Columbia Division human/sexual trafficking programs
  9. BC211 Information Services / the Red Book Online Directory
  10. Migrante BC
  11. Sanctuary Health/ Sanctuary City
  12. Radical Actions with Migrants in Agriculture (RAMA)
  13. Red Legal Collective for Public Legal Information and Educational Resources for Migrant Workers’ Rights
  14. Migrant Workers Dignity Association (MWDA)
  15. Vancouver Committee for Domestic Workers and Caregivers’ Rights (CDWCR)
  16. St. Mary’s Parish Migrant Workers and Families’ Outreach Program
  17. Our Lady of Sorrow’s Parish Migrant Workers/ Trabajadores Migrantes Outreach by the Lay Scalabrinian Missionaries

To download the list in PDF format click here.


The list was last updated Apr. 4, 2017.  To request an update or change to the list please send us an email to